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Kristoffer Paulsen (almost) graduated from Sydney College of TAFE, Ultimo Campus with a Certificate III in Commercial Photography in 2001. His overactive brain and tiny attention span that would dog him for the rest of his life saw him ace the course; blitzing the photography subjects with flying colours but half heartedly scrawling on an A4 sheet of paper "take awesome photos and get paid for it" for his small business plan, thus netting him a fail and costing him the entire course. Some fifteen years later, he's still meaning to "get around" to going back and finishing the course and earn the coveted Cert. III in Photography and become a "qualified" photographer, but unfortunately a thriving photographic practise takes up most of his time (and who needs a business plan anyway?).

Kristoffer has a diverse practise, with clients as ranging from architects, international food publications to record labels to linen companies to newspapers, and even a bank or two. Where his overactive imagination used to be a problem when it came to studying, these days it allows him to be adaptable and be versatile; approaching new challenges with the attitude "well, I haven't done this before, but I reckon you'd do it something like this..", then more often than not knocking it out of the park. When not hanging out at a studio or on location shooting, he can be found distracting everyone else at his office in the iconic Mitchell House in Melbourne's CBD, more or less still sticking to the same business plan he wrote as a nineteen year old.

Kristoffer Paulsen is an Australian photographer living in Melbourne but working internationally.


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