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  • I don't usually do property jobs..

    But my mate Joel Priestland from Studio Worldwide asked me if I'd be interested in shooting one for him, my gut said yes (that's generally how I decide if I'm going to take a job or not.. It's frighteningly on point.. Except for the whole poking over my belt bit..).

    The job was creating some images to go with the promotional book they were creating for the new development in Windsor "The Coachhouse", and the brief looked pretty good. 

    A bit of background, I usually don't do property jobs, I'll be honest:- they can be a giant pain in the ass for a huge number of reasons. Property developers don't nessecarily akways have good taste (which is why they hire designers) and the briefs can be terrible. They often want a million photos of a gazillion cafes and whatever, they usually want it all shot in a single (beautiful sunny) day and try to fit way too much into an already short period of time. The agencies usually don't want to do the production (i.e. calling ahead), so I then have to convince them to pay me production time to organise someone to do all the pre approval stuff. It's amazing how "hi, it's Kris from Fairfax/Broadsheet/Epicure etc" gets such different responses to "Hi, it's Kristoffer Paulsen.. I'm a photographer shooting some images for some promotional material for a new development in Windsor". "Oh.. I'll have to ask my manager.. we'll call you back" etc etc. SO much mucking around, which I simply don't have time for. I find that I'm very often fighting for my fee as well, which I hate doing. I know for a fact that I'm very fairly priced, (I've barely changed my pricing since I started shooting), and much of whom I consider to be my competition are a lot more expensive than I am. It's funny, numerous times when I've gotten a list of places to shoot, it's been some 30-35 names.. In one day! When you divide a 7-8 hour day by that, and allow travel time.. Well, you do the maths!

    This isn't to shit all over design agencies, I get it.. It's tough managing clients, as well as coming up with a cool product without blowing budget. And the rest of it. 

    Anyway, I said yes to Joel because I think he and Tijs have a great aesthetic, and well, Joel being a mate and all. What was nice was that the guys more or less let me just do what I wanted (within reason, of course..), and a bunch of shots that I just happened to take whilst wandering around the area ended up being, in a few cases, used really big. Shows what happens when you let good people just be creative. Anyway, I saw the book yesterday and it's beautiful. I didn't think too much of the images at the time, but looking back on them, they're lovely. Some of them are a little more "VSCO-y" than I'd normally go for, but I think it works. Here's some of my favs. 

    They're better than I remember them being! Turned out it wasn't such a bad way to spend a day. 

    Here's a few screengrabs from the book, looks glorious in print. Really lovely. 

    So uh.. Maybe I do property.. Sometimes.. If you've got something you'd like to work with me on, please do get in touch